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Our History

Toby’s Critter Cove Rescue was established in 2020, the year that everything seemed to be falling apart. Our one glimmer of hope was starting a passionate program rescuing animals in Summit and surrounding counties. Our motto, no paw left behind, which we live and breathe, to ensure no animal in our care goes unloved or uncared for. Our goal is to educate not only our volunteers, but also the community about responsible animal care and ownership. In addition, offering varied levels of support to ensure the most positive home placement for all our critters.

the heart of our project

Meet Toby




Toby who is the heart of this new project “Toby’s Critter Cove Rescue” was a rescue himself born in 2004. The moment I brought Toby home I knew he was special. Realizing he had more human qualities than I’ve ever seen in a cat. I should’ve changed his name the first time I caught him in a chip bag with five chips in his mouth. You couldn’t open the chip bag without him begging, it is what he loved above all else. We quickly learned his ability to grasp the English language when my Aunt Wendy chose to leave her bear claws on the counter stating, all I care about is the icing only to wake up to Toby having eaten ONLY the icing off each one. How he got the container opened still remains a mystery, but he was definitely driven by his stomach. His tag on his collar said Insert treat here with an arrow pointing to his mouth. A very accurate depiction of his insatiable appetite. If you were upset or emotional for one reason or another it seemed like he always knew, and he would be by your side giving you head butts and kisses until you had no choice but to smile.

On February 22, 2019 I lost my heart…my Toby! Never have I been more shattered about losing an animal like I was with Toby.

This rescue will not only honor his memory, but if I can give you a peek into what pet ownership can be like, that complete unconditional love, that when cultivated can be unforgettable, then maybe neglect and abuse can one day be considered a thing of the past

About Us

Meet the Team


Tonya Micheli

Tonya Micheli

President & Founder

Hello Everyone my name is Tonya.  The idea for Toby’s Critter Cove was born in 2020. My desire to make a greater impact in our surrounding communities was my driving force that lead to our inception on 2/1/21 when we admitted our first cat. Since then we have grown exponentially now admitting both cats and dogs and often taking on some extreme medical cases which is unheard of in our early tenure.  It is because of the strong dedication and hard work of all of the board members and fosters that this is even possible. I am extremely humbled to share that vision with my team and only hope to grow it more so that our impact can be greater. My one message to the community is PLEASE spay and neuter your animals. The impact on doing that for one animal is astronomical. 

On a personal note I am a nurse and currently work full time for a local homecare company working in sales and marketing. I have been doing this now for almost 30 years.  I am an active member of my Church and am not ashamed to say I put Jesus first in my life. In fact I often say if you look into an animals eyes with their unconditional love you will catch a glimpse of heavens love, certainly how God expects us all to love one another.

Lyn Fay

Vice President

A Note From our President…
Toby’s would like to welcome Lyn as our Vice President Lyn comes to us with many years of experience in rescue. Her vast experience has led her to being our kitten ICU (much to her surprise) lol

There is no task that Lyn is not willing to tackle. Her love for animals shows. Her knowledge base in technology has also moved our rescue to improve processes and will continue to do so as we move to an all digit process in the future. Welcome to Tobys Lyn.

Getting to know Lyn..
I joined Toby’s in the summer of 2021 but have been fostering animals through 501c3’s for about 5 years now and have personally fostered or placed over 300 dogs, cats, horses and chickens up through the end of 2021.  I am excited to be a board member and help shape this organization so that we can have the broadest impact in helping dogs and cats in the greater Ohio area.

Having a farm and working out of my home allows me to foster all sorts of personalities and breeds. My passion is for the large breed dogs (mostly working breeds like GSDs) and sick puppies but I have helped out with cats, kittens and small breed dogs as well. If it will let me pet it (and even some that won’t) I will foster it if I have room. I also have my own pack that includes 2 German shepherds, 1 Dutch shepherd, 2 barn cats, 3 horses, a donkey and fish.

SUSan Davis


A Note From our President…

Toby’s Critter Cove Rescue would like to welcome Susan to our rescue as our Treasurer. She comes to us with many years of experience in the rescue world and has a passion for animals, especially pregnant cat moms. She is wealth of information and adds a professional touch to our already professional board. Susan welcome aboard we are so excited and blessed to have you.

Getting to Know Susan…

I’m excited to be on the ground floor of this newest rescue.  I have been fostering mama cats with kittens for almost 3 years and loving it.   There are so many homeless cats and kittens that need our help, and I am thrilled when I am able nurture the kittens as they grow and place them and their mamas in loving homes.  I’m often asked if it is hard to give up the kittens, especially when I’ve had them since birth.     And my answer is no, when I know they are going to homes that will love them as I do. I also have a Belgian Sheepdog, Chloe and 2 tuxedos who were rescued on a friend’s property.

Mary Harrison

Marketing & Event Coordinator

A Note From our President…
I am excited to introduce you to Mary Harrison our Marketing & Event Coordinator here at Toby’s Critter Cove Rescue. She comes to us with many years of marketing experience in the human world where I had the pleasure of meeting and hiring her in a previous capacity. Mary is very sweet and kind to all she meets and is excited to share her wealth of information and ideas. Welcome aboard Mary.

Getting to Know Mary…
Mary Harrison is excited to join the team establishing Toby’s Critter Cove.  Mary will be serving on the board as a Marketing & Event Coordinator.  Mary loves to tell stories and share her excitement with everyone she meets.  She is looking forward to letting everyone know about our mission and invite like-minded friends to join our cause.  She has more than 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing and is looking forward to applying her professional expertise to her personal passion.  Mary is mom to 2 cats Baby and Henry who are spoiled rotten.

Dr. Michael Grguric

Medical Director

A Note From our President…
Toby’s Critter Cove is excited to announce Dr Michael Grguric who is joining our board as the Medical Director. He joins us with many years in vet medicine. Both him and his wife are well connected in the community doing much for the health and welfare of the animals. You can tell when you meet them how passionate they are. Help me welcome them to the team. Together we will make a greater impact on all the help that is so desperately needed.

Getting to Know Dr. Michael Grguric…
All of my life I wanted to become a veterinarian, but my life, like so many of our lives do, took several twists and turns before I achieved this childhood goal and dream. I grew up in the Cleveland area and graduated from the University of Akron and then The Ohio State University. I have always believed that our pets are a part of our family and they deserve the best medicine and treatment that we can give them.Our goal at Cuyahoga Valley Veterinary Clinic is to practice outstanding medicine and be surrounded by doctors that have special interests in different areas of veterinary medicine. I also wanted to keep smaller local practices alive and growing since I believe that they are part of the back bone of those communities. We are locally owned veterinary hospital and have created our own family at Cuyahoga Valley Veterinary Clinic.Thank you,Dr. Michael Grguric

Steve combs

Steven COMBS


A Note From our President…

We are excited to have Steve join us as Secretary for the board. He comes with much experience in rescue and does whatever he can to assist at events. The love he has for the animals shines through when he fosters doing what it takes to get them feeling better if they are not well and ultimately showing them a loving home, preparing them for their furever home. Welcome aboard Steve. 

  I have been with rescue for three years now.  Each new foster comes to me scared and lonely, but leaves loved and safe.  Watching them learn and grow and move on to their fur-ever homes.  Each one unique and special.

 I have two Chihuahua’s of my own, and they do their part in helping the fosters transition.  They are a blessing and love to help me.

 I play Santa for Picture with your Pets and help at adoption events.  Playing Santa is a joy for me to see the faces of people loving their pets.

I’m retired and love doing what I do within the rescue.  For fun I enjoy building things, like gazebos, decks and room additions or remodels.  I also enjoy working in my yard.   I enjoy helping others as much as I can.